Spraying Process - How it works

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Stage 1. Masking

We apply protection to all the elements that aren’t to be painted  e.g the glass in the window. This process is called masking,  we take great time and care to ensure everything that isn’t to be painted is thoroughly masked to ensure no paint sets into these surfaces.

Stage 2 Preperation

We will clean, degrease and key the surface to ensure the maximum adhesion between the surface and the coating. This stage is vital in providing a long lasting, hard wearing finish to your uPVC. 

Stage 3 Apply

Once the whole area has been masked & prepared our team will then apply the coating. We use a specialist product that has been constructed to bond with all uPVC and metal surfaces, our paint also has strong resistance to weathering, oxygen and sunlight.

We will complete as many coats as required to ensure a strong bond between the uPVC  and our paint. Once the process is finished it is easy to maintain and clean – this can be done by using warm soapy water. 

Stage 4 Final Touches

Once the spraying process is complete the uPVC frames take minutes to dry. We remove the masking from the protected areas, replace the door or window furniture, clean up and tidy away our equipment. Leaving you to enjoy your brand new windows.

Stage 5 Finished 

Stand back and admire, your transformation is complete !


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